Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome to my [re]claimed home!

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll admit that I'm new to the blogging world as an owner, but avidly follow favorite blogs such as Crafty Scrappy Happy and Young House Love. In fact, I find solace in losing 5 minutes 2 hours to repurposing blogs written by others. Since I work for a Habitat ReStore I am constantly surrounded by pieces that could use a little TLC, or would be perfect for DIY projects.

 It is my goal with "My [re]claimed Home!" to share some of the favorite DIY projects, organizational tips and home improvement repairs from the Habitat ReStores' staff and volunteers. It is also my goal to learn tips and design ideas for easily upcycled pieces. So please... if you've got suggestions or have found an easier way of doing things, let me know in a comment. I'd love to pass it along to some customers who have also caught the  DIY/upcycle/repurpose bug. 

As I mentioned before, the body of this blog will primarily be made up of Do-It-Yourself projects, organizational tips, and home improvement repairs generated from inspiration in the Habitat ReStores. If you don't know what a Habitat ReStore is then you should pull out your smart phone and immediately run to the nearest one! (ReStores all over the world accept donations from individuals and businesses of gently used/new items that are resold at a fraction of their retail value. The funds raised at each ReStore goes toward serving additional families through home repair, new home construction, or neighborhood revitalization programs. Seriously, every donation makes a difference!) Plus, it's a great way to find cool items at low costs, like this full sized wooden sleigh bed:

or this wedding dress!

Each Habitat ReStore has a different list of things that they accept and don't accept, but most include hardware, building materials such as doors, windows, lumber, etc., housewares, light fixtures, linens, antiques, and more.

The point is- there is always something for EVERYONE at the Habitat ReStores. A lot of people just don't know it yet. It is my hope that this blog will inspire people to check their local Habitat ReStores before buying new, because most likely you'll find just what you're looking for. And you help a great cause.