Friday, April 18, 2014

Record Player turned Bathroom Vanity

I found this beauty at Restore in Mooresville for $35.

I instantly saw that this should have a farmhouse sink setting in it. Figuring that the rest of the design details would be revealed along the repurposing road, I loaded it up and took home. I then realized I needed to find a Farmhouse style sink. Which wasn't nearly as a difficult as I thought it was going to be because I found a beautiful cast iron sink for $20 on my return trip to Restore later that week.

After removing the guts of the record player and the light that was cleverly disguised as a drawer, removing the door hard ware, removed doors, and a few precision cuts, it was time for paint.

Adding a little water to a can of wall paint and using a brush, gave me the weathered color I was looking for (thanks to Pink Punk Design for the paint tutorial they posted earlier). I used silver leafing paint to color the hardware and knobs. I ran sheet metal ( found at Restore) through an embosser machine for the side door panels.

I delivered the vanity back to Restore in Mooresville Friday April 11 where it would be priced and sat on display to promote the blog and the upcoming Designer Challenge with a cool little "before and after" photo. But before I had the chance to bring the photo back to the store on Saturday 4/12, it had already been sold. I am just thankful that I had snapped a quick picture of it after unloading it from my car in the parking lot solely for the purpose of texting my mom. Otherwise I would not had have any after pictures at all.