Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Get Crafty: Halloween Decorations From ReStore Finds

Hard to believe October 1st is in one week, which means it’s almost time to bring out the Halloween decorations. Want to get into the spooky spirit without spending a fortune? Visit the Our Towns Habitat ReStore for everyday household items that can be easily transformed into seasonal décor.

Paint It Black

Painting almost anything black gives it a scary vibe. Look for old Christmas villages, chandeliers and vases to transform with a coat of black spray paint.

Make Signs from Repurposed Items

Make an ornate cemetery sign from an old headboard or use old cabinet doors to make Halloween signs. A piece of fencing can be painted and propped up for that haunted house feeling.

Use Glassware for Spooky Displays

Look through the glassware aisle for apothecary jars, cake or cheese domes, and goblets which can be turned into Halloween displays.

 Books and Book Pages

The ReStore has tons of books that can be transformed into a book of spells or potions. Use book pages to make vintage looking signs or pumpkins.

 Mirror, Mirror

Repurpose old mirrors or picture frames with chalkboard paint or flying bats. Scrape off part of the mirror backing and insert an old photo for a spooky looking frame.

Have I got your wheels turning? What Halloween décor would you shop for at the ReStore?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Treasure Hunting

This has to be one of my most favorite concoctions I have ever thrown together! Mostly because it is comprised of some very random items and they were all FREE!!!

My youngest sister and I both received metal detectors last Christmas and decided to for treasure hunting in the woods behind our parent's home in Welcome, NC. I am not sure exactly what sort of treasure we were thinking we were going to discover, but being as the town's history is composed of poor tobacco farmers, the odds of gold and riches were not high. But as the saying goes "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder," and perception makes all the difference. So when we discovered the old car that had been left in the woods to waste away under trees, dirt, and leaves, Kaitlyn felt that it was a treasure. It was pretty impressive that most of the chrome of this car was in impeccable condition (especially since the chrome on our 2000 Chevy Silverado is rusting and flaking)and wasn't extremely hard to pull off the brittle rusted body parts of the car. The down side is that it was incredibly heavy and I had to do most of the heavy lifting all the way back to the house. I am not going to lie to you when I say that at that time, I did not really see much more than more stuff to go to the recycling center and the only reason I was hauling this back home was to humor a 14 year old and let her believe she really did find something special. My mother wasn't extremely excited with the pile of car parts on her front porch, but smiled and said "wow, you really did find something there." I volunteered to take the parts back home being that we were planning to go to the scrap yard soon.  Long story short, the parts didn't get scrapped and I couldn't be happier because I got to take this:

And turn it into this!

I used the chrome from the car as the body, 2 light fixture mounts, some plumbing handles, and washers for the eyes and a conduit strap for the nose. And I can't wait to figure out what I will do with the rest of it!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The best day of the year...

Today is the most exciting day of the year at Our Towns Habitat ReStores!!! For me, this is the one day out of the year that I live for. Seriously... It's better than the day I got hired (sorry boss), better than the time I saw the first shipment of new product being donated (though that is always an awesome feeling), and even better than those super crazy days at the Cornelius ReStore before 2pm when the Silent Auction is ending.

So... why? you may ask? What's so fantastical about today that makes any other day at the ReStore seem... normal? 

Because today is the day that the autumn and Halloween decorations get put out!
And I'm totally not kidding, either. Nor am I alone in my feelings of excitement!

The day that all the fall and Halloween decorations get put out onto the floor it's like a feeding frenzy. You would think that our loyal customers had never seen an ounce of orange or black in their entire lives, that they hadn't really been living until today. The evidence is in this photo:

Note the pink tape that acts as a rope around this particular section of Halloween and fall goodies. That is because the Halloween goblins that were working so hard to stock the shelves couldn't keep up with the swarms of people buying up decorations as soon as they hit the shelves! And in some cases items were actually being pulled from the hands of these fabulous goblins before the items even touched  the shelves!

It is truly a magical day, one that gets you in the spirit for the leaves changing, the weather turning crisper, and the ghosts and ghouls that will soon make their appearances! While the weather here in the Lake Norman area hasn't been cooperating enough for me to pull out my favorite sweaters and boots,  my obsession will autumn has not subsided, especially not after today!

In fact, with the invention of Pinterest, there isn't much hope for this obsession leaving me anytime soon. If you are anything like me you've probably already pinned loads of fall crafts, recipes, decorations, Halloween costume ideas, etc. onto your "All Things Fall" Pinterest Board. I have been itching to make a Fall craft, so my board is full of them! Especially since I found this gem at the Cornelius ReStore last year:

That's right.. it's an entire bolt of burlap. I think I paid a whopping $8 for it, which was absolutely amazing. I've been guarding it closely and have finally decided that I can't hide it any longer... it must be set free and have something wonderful done with it! Right now my heart is set on creating a Fabulous Autumn wreath similar to this one:

(source here)

So that's probably what will happen with part of this beauty, combined with whatever other Fabulous Finds I come across now that the autumn decor is out!

Check out the ReStore's Pinterest page to see what other fun craft ideas you can come up with using ReStore materials. And don't forget to check out the seasonal items at both the Cornelius and Mooresville ReStores.

PS- I also found this baby at the Mooresville ReStore today:
A brand new book of scrapbooking paper: the Autumn and Halloween combo stack... It will be perfect for some of my upcoming crafts! Stay tuned and don't forget to share your sweet crafts/fall decor by commenting below!