Friday, May 31, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday plus 30% off!!

Good afternoon! There are so many fabulous things to post about this week, so get ready!

The first Fabulous (few) Finds involves new product that can be found at the Mooresville & Cornelius ReStores!

Fabulous Find #1: Programmable Thermostats:
These babies are perfect for the hot summer that is approaching! Set your thermostat to a higher temperature when you are at work during the day, and program it to cool down the house shortly before you arrive home!

Fabulous Find #2: Baby Safety Equipment
Also available at the Cornelius and Mooresvillle ReStores, these safety items are great for any mom or dad (grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, etc) preparing to bring a child into the world! From drawer stoppers (we don't want any tiny fingers pinched!) to plastic stove-knob covers, door knob locks and refrigerator locks, your baby is sure to be protected from some of the dangers of an ordinary home!

 Fabulous Find #3: New AquaSource Faucets!
I'll be the first one to admit that I absolutely LOVE building materials. Before I purchased my home, I couldn't stand the thought of entering Lowe's Home Improvement. Now, we're honestly considering registering there for our wedding (crazy, I know..). I'm especially fond of shopping at Lowe's if it means I can look at new new kitchen equipment! We recently purchased a new faucet for our kitchen sink because the sprayer broke and anytime one of us would forget and use it we'd end up with water all over the place. So imagine how bummed I was when these babies came out onto the floor at the Cornelius ReStore yesterday!

Brand new AquaSource kitchen faucets. There are a variety of different styles. Similar ones, like this one found online, go for over $100, and the Cornelius ReStore is selling them for $65-$75! This particular one includes a soap pump, and a pull down sprayer. 

Fabulous Finds #4: Picture Frames
If building materials don't do it for you, don't fret! The Cornelius ReStore just came into a GREAT selection of picture frames! Stop in to take a look for yourself, and don't forget to fill them with your favorite photos of  your summer happenings!

Fabulous Find #5: 1995 Hydra Force Pontoon Boat with Trailer
This last Fabulous Find is so great it deserves a post all it's own! Located at the Mooresville ReStore, this 1995 Hydra Force Pontoon boat and it's trailer were donated to us just a few days ago. The previous owners last took it out for a "swim" two years ago, and said that it was in great working order then. It is being auctioned off beginning tomorrow, June 1st. This special silent auction will end on Saturday, June 15th at 2pm. Please place all bids at the Mooresville ReStore. To see more pictures of the boat, click here

That completes the Fabulous Finds for you this week, but as I mentioned there are so many great things happening at Our Towns Habitat ReStores! Here are a few more things of importance:

Summer Kick-off Sale!
Both the Cornelius & Mooresville ReStores will be having a 30% ALL FURNITURE sale tomorrow (Saturday, June 1st). Come check out our great selection of  couches, tables, chairs, desks and more!

Neighborhood Blitz
If you haven't heard about our Neighborhood Blitzes, then read carefully! Quite possibly the easiest and most convenient way to schedule a pick up if you and your neighbors have donations! This technique works particularly well after Neighborhood Yard Sales! Simply call the ReStore (or email Amy) and ask to schedule a Neighborhood Blitz...we'll come out on a designated Saturday (preferably decided upon a few weeks in advance) and drive around your neighborhood. Anyone participating is asked to put their donations at the curb for an easy and convenient pick-up. No waiting around and no fuss!

New Summer Hours!
Our Towns Habitat ReStores will follow new summer hours beginning tomorrow, Saturday, June 1st. Both ReStores will be open:

Tuesday - Saturday: 9am to 5pm

We will remain closed on Sundays & Mondays. 
What other things would you like to see happen at Our Towns Habitat ReStores?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Add a little spice to your kitchen!

Hey y’all!  Heather here with another simple Do-It-Yourself project with great finds at ReStore in Cornelius.  My most recent project will add a little “flavor” to your kitchen!  It’s the little things that make such a big impact and these fun small projects definitely are fun and affordable.  For this project you don’t need much!  Spending only $1.50 at ReStore on utensils added with a cutting board, chalkboard paint and some hot glue is the perfect recipe for this do-it-yourself project. 

First gather all your ingredients!  
 Second, paint the chalkboard paint on the cutting board. You can purchase this paint for only $6 at a craft store, or you can make your own (how-to guide here).  Next you'll want to glue the utensils to frame out the cutting board to turn it into a fun chalkboard for the kitchen!

I turned mine into a Menu board, which makes it fun to plan some yummy meals now!  For a family it makes it fun for kids to get involved and use the menu.  A little “flavor” to add to your kitchen counter and makes a fun project that the whole family could use for less than $10.  Now what more could you ask for there?!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday, take 2

Its Friday again, and that means another great post on the Fabulous Finds at Our Towns Habitat ReStores. I apologize that I didn't get another post written between the two back to back Fabulous Finds Friday entries... I've been so crazy getting ready for the ReStore ReStyle Design Challenge that is less than 7 days away! (Just a quick side note... the event will be held on Friday, May 17th at the Mooresville ReStore and will feature 7 design teams that have shopped from the Cornelius & Mooresville ReStores in order to create a 10'x10' room using only donated material that they have repurposed. It is, I must say, the most exciting ReStore event of the year! If you haven't purchased your tickets, save yourself $5 by purchasing them here.)

 Fabulous Find #1: Blue Dr. Seuss Wardrobe (Sorry that it's sideways, it wasn't when I uploaded it and I can't figure out why it uploaded funny)
This child's wardrobe amuses me because it looks like it was just pulled from a Dr. Seuss or Alice in Wonderland book. It's got curvy sides and big black door knobs that you can't miss. It'd be perfect in a bonus room or as a prop for a play!

Fabulous Finds #2 & #3: Gently Used Cabinets
Our Towns Habitat ReStores are a great resource for gently used cabinets that are perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, garage or laundry room. These base cabinets below are white with great handles. You can see from the picture that the one in the middle has two drawers up top with two doors, and the one in the right corner would be used as a sink base. 
The would be paired perfectly in a kitchen as a desk/work station with the upper cabinet pictured below (again, I'm sorry that it's sideways.. I can't fix it!) But if you tilt your head sideways you can see that there are two cubbies on the end of the cabinet, and 4 slots in the middle that would be perfect for your mail.

Put these cabinets on a long wall and they become the ultimate homework station for the kids while you prepare dinner or help them study.

What are the Fabulous Finds that you found this week?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Introducing: Fabulous Finds Friday

I was reading  a blog post the other day by Crystal, author of The Weekend Homemaker and one of the designers for the upcoming 2013 ReStore ReStyle Design Challenge  when I got inspired to start a new blogging tradition for Habitat. It's called Fabulous Finds Friday. 

Fabulous Finds is the name of our email distribution list (which you can sign up for by clicking here-- great to learn more about upcoming events, discount days, big sales and shipments, etc.). It is also what we call some of our goodies throughout the ReStores! It is while I was reading Crystal's blog that it hit me! There are so many Fabulous Finds in our Silent Auctions, and interesting items received in our ReStores, that can, and should be, talked about. So here it is, the first edition of Fabulous Finds Friday:

This week I'm excited to feature a few things from the Silent Auction in Cornelius (ending 5-8-13) and a few things from the sales floor:

1. ) Robert Held Art Glass Elongated Vase (Auction item #17)-- click here to see Auction pictures

This beautiful vase was created by Robert Held in Canada's largest hot glass studio and gallery. His glass collections range from classic to contemporary, from vases to bowls, to hearts and paperweights, and more. His work has been chosen for many prestigious awards. In fact, his goblets were chosen to grace the table of the Governor General, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's has a collection of Robert Held's work. Robert Held retired on his 70th birthday in March 2013.

2) Large Glasstop table with beautiful wooden base-- $340

This beautiful glasstop table is a steal at only $340. Currently living in the front room at the Cornelius ReStore, this glasstop is thick and heavy. The middle of the base serves as a shelf, with a beautiful woven design.


3) 4 drawer upright file cabinets from the Davidson College Athletics Department

Do you or someone you know love Davidson College sports? What a better way to celebrate your own person wins than with file cabinets that once held the rosters, plays, and other important information of our very own hometown college of Davidson!

That completes our Fabulous Finds Friday for this week. You can expect to find more Fabulous Finds coming to this blog each and every Friday. I will do my best to feature items in the ReStore Sales items as well as in our auctions. 

What kind of Fabulous Finds have you found at the ReStore?