Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Guest Blogger: Andrea Hartley

Hey Guys!!

Today I am SUPER excited because I just received the first blog post from another guest blogger. It is my pleasure to introduce you to .... (drum roll please......) Andrea Hartley!

Andrea Hartley is a local ReStore shopper, always looking to find a good deal and to tinker with something! Pictured above, she was a contestant in this year's ReStore ReStyle Design Challenge which took place in May of 2013. She designed a wedding reception room with a rustic, shabby chic feel to it. She even wore part of her room for the event (her dress was a prop she picked up at the Mooresville ReStore)!

Here is her bio:
I am a 30 yr old stay at home mother with a employment background in project management for custom home building and a third generation "treasure hunter." I have been sorting and sifting and digging through dusty shelves, bins, and boxes to find that little forgotten and discarded treasure for as long as I can remember. I have held my mothers legs so she wouldn't fall into the public dumpster as she pulled out a Gilded solid wood picture frame from the late 1800's at the age of 8 and learned how to reupholster at 9. Habitat Restore is my #1 most favorite place to shop for items I can not only use in my home and crafts but to buy supplies for my husband's electrical company. My three year old son is quite at home at our local Restore and often can be found napping in the back of the shopping cart. I can gain inspiration from just about anything, when I have a project in mind I go immediately to Restore to see what items I can use to complete the task at hand. There isn't really a place I haven't been to hunt. I know that even if I had and endless supply of money that I would never shop retail, I love the thrill of the hunt, recycling and satisfaction that I get when I spend $10 on something that turns out to look like its worth a million dollars.

As I mentioned, I just received her first blog post and am so stoked for her to share it with you... it's beautiful! Check back to see it post!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Habitat ReStore Chairs: What Would You Do, Part 2

Remember these fabulous rattan chairs I picked up from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Cornelius?

I reached out to some of my favorite design bloggers for ideas on what to do with them. The other week I shared ideas from Cassie, Rhoda, Diane, and Cheryl. This week I’ll be sharing four more ideas from some of my favorite experts.

First up, I asked Carmel from Our Fifth House.  Be sure to check out her home’s entry foyer (one of my favorites). Here’s what Carmel had to say:


Those chairs are amazing!  I'd leave them as is but would definitely have the cushions recovered or replaced.  Maybe a solid white or cream cotton canvas on the cushions.  I'd also maybe only use the seat cushion and leave the back open - looks like the back of the chair has a really pretty design.  

Maybe something like this image I found on Pottery Barn’s website…

Next, I asked designer, Rene Zieg from Cottage and Vine. Rene is an interior decorator in Greensboro, NC. Check out her great design tutorials for stylish DIY projects.

Oh how fun!  I could see them painted glossy white with a colorful geometric such as a Caitlin Wilson fabric.  On the other hand I could see them as is with a suzani or ikat fabric for that more rustic eclectic look.  
I love a bold geometric pillow. Maybe something like this…

Meredith, of  Meredith and Gwyneth, The New Yorkie is a master of making over discarded items. While living in NYC, she made over several pieces with amazing results that she found while dumpster diving.

Meredith says:

I'd definitely spray paint them! Maybe a bright green, yellow or hot pink in a semigloss! Do you sew? Taupe or white cushions with bright piping would be gorgeous!

I agree – hot pink and bright piping are a fun choice!

I also asked  Amy Whited. Amy lives in Durham, NC and runs Yellow Hammer Design Shop where she sells beautiful furniture and accessories she's found and refurbished. Check out her dining room that was featured in This Old House magazine.  

Source: Yellow Hammer
So I would paint them in Valspar's Hint of Mint which could be mixed in a glossy porch and floor paint so they are outside durable. And then I would suggest just ditching the cushions for a pair of square throw pillows (depending on the condition of the seats underneath. I love this Richloom fabric and it's a steal for $8.98 a yard, which will make you 2 pillows. Done and done.

Ikat prints are my current favorite and I love Amy’s tip of using a porch or floor paint to make them outside durable.

Oh decisions, decisions! What’s your' favorite look for these ReStore chairs?



Saturday, August 10, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Contemporary Art to Functional Coffee Table

One of the amazing things about Our Towns Habitat ReStores is the phenomenal things that get donated. You're never sure what you'll find when you walk into a ReStore, which is why one of our slogans is miss a day, miss a deal. The other amazing thing about our ReStores is our location: we are smack dab in the middle of some of the most creative minds I personally have ever met.

There, now that I've said two very important things about the ReStores, I'll get to the point of today's blog post: these fabulous, hand crafted pieces of contemporary art that are actually functional coffee tables! They were donated by a local artist named Paul Minsker and are currently set up for auction at the Mooresville ReStore.


I'm not exactly sure what this one is but it reminds me of dinosaur eggs and Jurassic Park- a classic movie from my time so I mean this as a great comparison!
The hands in this coffee table each seem to hold the world. What a cool commentary for contemporary art: "I've got the whole world, in my hands!"

These "Owl Eyes" are so detailed! Whoooooo wants this table?

And this table features two dragonflies facing one another. 

There are a number of other tables donated by Paul Minsker at the Mooresville ReStore. Each table is made from layers and layers of wood which Paul cut, sanded, and painted himself. They are intricate in detail, beautiful in color and design.

The tables are all up for an auction until Saturday, August 17th promptly at 2pm. Place your bids at the Mooresville ReStore, and be sure that your phone number is registered in the Silent Auction phone book. You can see more pictures when you visit and "Like" the Our Towns Habitat ReStore Facebook Page!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Habitat ReStore Chairs: What Would You Do?

Hi - I'm Crystal and I write the blog The Weekend Homemaker where I share creative ideas for those with little time and a small budget. I'm excited to be guest posting for the Our Towns Habitat ReStores and wanted to share my latest find. 

I picked up these two fab chairs from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Cornelius and have been in a quandary over what to do with them. I knew I loved the casual feel and the details of the chairs and I did NOT like the cushions. Beyond that I was a bit stumped.

So what do you do when you are stumped? You ask the experts! I reached out to a few designers and bloggers to get their advice. I loved each of their different takes on how to bring new life to these classic beauties.

First up, I asked the vivacious and colorful Cassie, from Hi Sugarplum! Cassie’s known to go bold in her own home and I love how her projects are affordable AND fashionable. Cassie’s advice is: 

 If you like the finish, then I wouldn't paint it. If that shade of honey isn't your cup of tea, then I'd definitely paint...and paint a fun, bright color (surprise, surprise, right?!). Those chairs are unique, so you want them to stand out. Depending on how comfy they are with no cushions, I'd consider just a lumbar in a fun print...or just the bottom cushion. I want to be able to see the detail of the back!
Hmm, maybe something like this, Cassie?…

Next, I asked veteran blogger, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality. Rhoda has spent the past year or so fixing up her 1979 split level, doing most of the work herself, along with her 86 year old father! So what advice did Rhoda share?

Oh how fun!  I love thrifting and redoing for sure and yes, I would paint those chairs. I think that would really freshen them up. I'd either do a glossy creamy white or a fun punchy color.  If you can recover those cushions in a fun and graphic fabric that would totally bring them up to date. 
Hmmm…glossy white, that sounds beachy and fresh.

Diane Henkler, of In My Own Style is a master of painting and provides great project tutorials on her blog. One of these days I plan to follow her instructions on how to build a banquette.


Diane says:

I would do one of two things:
1. Clean them up and leave the rattan as is. It looks like it is in good shape. I would get a new cushions or cover the old ones in a fabulous colorful fabric. 
2.  Paint the chairs in a high gloss vivid color ( I would choose between chartreuse, teal, orange, emerald, orange, or yellow)  and new cushions of course. 
If you are on a budget. I would clean the cushions and let them soak in the sun until they are dry and then cover them with fabric.  If you sew, then I would make pillow style covers for them. The no-sew way would be to wrap each cushion with fabric like you were wrapping a gift. Use large safety pins to secure the fabric on the underside of the cushion.  
 The rattan is in great shape, perhaps all they need are fresh new cushions.

I also asked  designer Cheryl Luckett what she would do with these beauties. Cheryl is a designer, blogs at Dwell by Cheryl and is also a guest blogger for Metrolina ReStores Blog. I know she has experience making over Restore finds!


Cheryl shared her own inspiration pictures and says:
If they were mine, I'd paint them a fun color and use a modern print fabric.  The chairs themselves are such a throwback in style and type that, I'd go modern with the color and fabric choice.  White could also be a nice choice. I'd also take the tufting out of the pillow.
Source Unkown


Thanks Ladies! I’m not sure if I’m more or less confused by all your great ideas. Stay tuned, I asked 4 more design bloggers what they would do. I'll be back later to share their ideas and then reveal my final decision.

Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Lumber Cart

Anyone that does DIY projects on a regular basis knows that they have a tendency to take a toll on your garage. Often times I find myself wondering why we bother cleaning the garage when we're going to start another project eventually anyway. It can be especially cumbersome when you have no space to put scrap wood that will inevitably be used in the future. So imagine my surprise when I walk outside to the fenced in area at the Cornelius ReStore and see this beauty:

This Do-It-Yourself cart would be perfect for scrap lumber, miscellaneous toys, etc. 

Imagine putting peg board on this side to hang tools! How nifty!

And for only $25 you can't beat the price. It would probably cost you more in the lumber itself than to purchase this baby at the Cornelius ReStore!

So, not only did I think that this was one totally Fabulous Find, but when I made it to my office I stumbled upon a great blog called Shanty 2 Chic that featured a Do-It-Yourself tutorial for a similar lumber cart. Take a look at the tutorial here, just in case someone beats you to the punch in Cornelius.

Hurry in, because this great deal won't last long.