Thursday, December 20, 2012

Comfort First

I bought a living room table to prop my feet up on while I sit on the couch at the Cornelius ReStore. Step one, getting a foot rest, went well. Step two, making it comfortable, is in progress.

This is the table upside down being primed. I spread out some old towels and a plastic drop cloth then flipped the table over. I wanted to make sure I got the bottom painted well. The top will be covered in fabric...soon. I used "Kilz" primer as a base coat so the paint would stick to the table better.

Once I primed the table inside and out, I moved on to painting it black. I applied two coats of black paint. Once it was all dry, I flipped it back over and now it is waiting for the next step. More to come...

--Jessica, Youth and Volunteer Associate at Our Towns Habitat

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