Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Comfort Acheived

I have finished my living room table! See the earlier post about me first painting the table black.

To upholster the top, first I marked and cut foam to fit the top of my table.

Then I placed stuffing on top of the foam. I used several layers, folding them to fit the area.

After I knew the foam and stuffing fit correctly, I laid the fabric face down on the floor, followed by the stuffing and finally the foam on top. I then flipped my table upside down on top of everything being careful to line everything up with the top of the table. Don't forget to space everything so the edges of your fabric are spread evenly around the table. This ensures you will have enough fabric to pull up and staple.

I then used a staple gun with 5/8'' staples, though I would suggest longer staples if you have them available and the wood you are stapling into is thick enough. Before each staple, I stretched some of the stuffing up and over the lip of the top of the table I was stapling into followed by the fabric. I pulled it pretty tight but watched to make sure I wasn't pulling so hard that the fabric puckered. I worked my way around the table, making sure to keep the fabric tight and straight.

I finished up by cutting the excess fabric around the edges then flipped it over to see how it looks. I'm pleased with the outcome and my goal of a comfortable foot rest while on the couch turned out great!

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