Friday, May 3, 2013

Introducing: Fabulous Finds Friday

I was reading  a blog post the other day by Crystal, author of The Weekend Homemaker and one of the designers for the upcoming 2013 ReStore ReStyle Design Challenge  when I got inspired to start a new blogging tradition for Habitat. It's called Fabulous Finds Friday. 

Fabulous Finds is the name of our email distribution list (which you can sign up for by clicking here-- great to learn more about upcoming events, discount days, big sales and shipments, etc.). It is also what we call some of our goodies throughout the ReStores! It is while I was reading Crystal's blog that it hit me! There are so many Fabulous Finds in our Silent Auctions, and interesting items received in our ReStores, that can, and should be, talked about. So here it is, the first edition of Fabulous Finds Friday:

This week I'm excited to feature a few things from the Silent Auction in Cornelius (ending 5-8-13) and a few things from the sales floor:

1. ) Robert Held Art Glass Elongated Vase (Auction item #17)-- click here to see Auction pictures

This beautiful vase was created by Robert Held in Canada's largest hot glass studio and gallery. His glass collections range from classic to contemporary, from vases to bowls, to hearts and paperweights, and more. His work has been chosen for many prestigious awards. In fact, his goblets were chosen to grace the table of the Governor General, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's has a collection of Robert Held's work. Robert Held retired on his 70th birthday in March 2013.

2) Large Glasstop table with beautiful wooden base-- $340

This beautiful glasstop table is a steal at only $340. Currently living in the front room at the Cornelius ReStore, this glasstop is thick and heavy. The middle of the base serves as a shelf, with a beautiful woven design.


3) 4 drawer upright file cabinets from the Davidson College Athletics Department

Do you or someone you know love Davidson College sports? What a better way to celebrate your own person wins than with file cabinets that once held the rosters, plays, and other important information of our very own hometown college of Davidson!

That completes our Fabulous Finds Friday for this week. You can expect to find more Fabulous Finds coming to this blog each and every Friday. I will do my best to feature items in the ReStore Sales items as well as in our auctions. 

What kind of Fabulous Finds have you found at the ReStore?

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