Saturday, March 28, 2015

ReStore ReStyle: Meet the designers

ReStore ReStyle designers will compete creatively through the design and execution of their rooms. They’ll compete for top fundraising honors as well.

Best Room
•Judge’s Choice
Most Creative Use Of The Mystery Item
Peoples’ Choice Award
(Public will donate money deposited in a box by your room. To be awarded at the end of the night.)

Top Online Fundraiser
(Public can vote by making donations online before leading up to the event.)
The Top Online Fundraiser award is determined by the amount of money collected through online donations before April 28.

Click on the Donate button below your designer’s name to vote with your dollars!

To apply for next year's ReStore ReStyle Design Challenge email 

Team 1: Lesley Park 

Room: Home Office


I enjoy thrifting, yard sale shopping and occasionally perusing the curb.

As my husband so lovingly states: “No more curtains; we only have so many windows!” Or, “No more lamps; if I SEE another lamp…”

In my spare time (also known as when you can't catch me in a thrift store, or hauling furniture off someone’s curb), I enjoy volunteering at the Mooresville ReStore, eating Mexican food, and bingewatching Netflix. It’s the little things…

Team 2: Andrea Hartley 

Room: the Spare Room (office/guest room)


I’m a stay at home mom by day and a mad junk-loving scientist by night, piecing together parts and pieces of anything from furniture to construction scraps and give them new life.

I love taking the old, ugly, and unwanted stuff and turning them into something amazing and desired. I have been so blessed to be a participant for the past three events. I have met extremely talented designers from this area, passionate ReStore volunteers/staff, made amazing friends, and started a career doing what I love to do.


Team 3: Marie & Denis Graham

Room: Living Room


Denis and I have been a team for 34 years, married almost 30 of them. We have three children and moved to Lake Norman almost three years ago from NY.

We just finished building our new home here in Mooresville and that's when I really got into restyling. I am the creative one. I love to paint, restore, find a new purpose for just about anything. Denis is the braun.

I have found that if you incorporate the past, whether it be from 100 years ago or 100 days ago, into your design style, you preserve it and give it new life. Great design doesn't have to cost a fortune, just some elbow grease and a great thrift store.


Team 4: Becky Charles 

Room: Bedroom


Becky Charles, owner of Beckwith Interiors, LLC, is an Interior Designer based in Mooresville, NC. She designs for commercial as well as residential. She has previously competed in the ReStore ReStyle Challenge in 2011 and 2012.


Team 5: Meyetta Grimes 

Room: Kids Room


A Workforce Strategy Analyst in Charlotte, Meyetta "Meme" Grimes is a self-described HGTV addict. She is a do-it-yourselfer who likes to transition everyday items into unique artistic pieces.

She had a vision to help people transition their
spaces without spending a fortune to do it. In She has also started conducting “What Would Meme Do Workshops” where she teaches others how to repurpose unique items and what others would consider trash into treasures. She hopes to grow her vision for her slogan "Get Your Grime(s) On" in the near future.


Team 6: Lynn Noble

Room: General Store


I am so excited to return for a second time to Restore Restyle. Since last year's event, I have continued rescuing pieces to make one of a kind items for someone else to treasure! My husband and I still reside in Statesville where I have commandeered a corner of the company warehouse for work and storage.

Yep...our garage is still a mess but I needed room to work on multiple projects at a time.

I love trading techniques and sharing ideas with my fellow rehab fanatics. I get inspired by the creativity
of others.

When I can't sleep, I think about paint colors and projects and happily drift back off to dream of new and projects and happily drift back off to dream of new tools! 


Team 7: Krissy & Scott Ferguson 

Room: Study/Library


Krissy Ferguson & Scott Ferguson are new to the lake Norman area and both work at an architecture firm in uptown Charlotte. In their free time they enjoy finding old furniture that can be refinished and displayed in their home.

Their next projects around the house include building a bar for the dining room, as well as some built-in shelving and desks for their home office. They are hoping that through participating in the Restore Restyle they can show off some of their design talents while helping out the community.

Team 8: Betsy Hazelton, Marcia Makl & Dolores Lindley
Room: Breakfast Nook


Marcia Makl

Although Marcia Makl’s career was in Information Technology and computing, she has always been involved in DIY projects.

DIY projects come naturally as does recycling and appreciating old and repurposed objects. With pottery classes at Clayworks and the Cornelius Arts Center, she found an artistic outlet to balance her highly technical professional career. Marcia will bring both her problem solving dolores lindleyskills and her artistic flare to the Restore Restyle challenge.


Dolores Lindley

Dolores holds a certificate of foundation skills and advanced skills from City & Guilds The City and Guilds of London Institute — Decorative Techniques and Restoration. She is a student of art and shares her love of fine art through volunteering. She also enjoys painting canvas floor cloths.


Betsy Hazelton

Betsy Hazelton has been a painter, illustrator, product designer and creative director for many years. Much of her product design, product development and creative direction has been in the Home Decorative industry. She is also an avid recycler and restorer so she is very excited about repurposing for the home and being able to participate in the upcoming 2015 Restore Redesign Event. 

*** Don't forget to purchase your tickets HERE for the ReStore ReStyle Design Challenge Event on April 28 @ 6:30pm at the Mooresville ReStore location.
131 Norman Station Blvd 
Mooresville, NC 28117

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