Friday, April 26, 2013

Hang on to those wire hangers.

Apparently Pinterest is not a new "thing." Well, maybe the idea of having a virtual pin-board style space to collect mood boards, favorite pictures, inspiring quotes and phrases among other "favorites" is a new concept, but the art of repurposing (as is seen so much on Pinterest) is not.

In the Silent Auction at the Cornelius ReStore, which began on Wednesday, April 24th and will last for two weeks, is a fascinating Women's magazine from 1953. Now, on the cover of this magazine we note that it only cost $0.07 at the time of publication: 

(Wouldn't it be nice if everyone still cost only $0.07?)

What drew me to this magazine wasn't its price, however, but what was on pages 25-28....
Hang onto your hangers: 26 ideas of what to do with your wire hangers:

I apologize for some of the larger images but I want you to be able to get a good look at what you can do with your wire hangers! I'll point out some of my favorites:

#8, bottom right hand corner of the left page, suggests using wire hangers as the tiny railings of wire & wooden beads to ensure safe transportation of beverages on a tray

#12, down at the bottom right-hand corner that looks like a laundry hamper, is actually a letter basket that has two compartments, for answered and unanswered mail. 

On this page I really like #24, the red almost circular thing on the right page. It's a "fanciful pincushion that can be any bit of fabric stretched tightly over frame." 

And lastly, #26 are the skewers in the bottom right hand corner: "Whether its for marshmallows or shish kebab, everyone can have a skewer of his own"

What unique things have you made from ordinary household items?

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