Friday, June 7, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday!

It's that time of the week again! Here are a couple of the Fabulous Finds at Our Towns Habitat ReStores this week:

Fabulous Finds #1: Beautiful dining room table
This beautiful solid wood dining room table can be found at the Mooresville ReStore. With 2 captains chairs and 4 regular chairs you'd be hard pressed to find another dining room table this pretty!

Fabulous Finds #2: Tall, dark, and sultry... pair of lamps

I really can't believe I'm showing this picture because I'm absolutely in love with these lamps and want to buy  them for myself! :O Imagine this pair of lamps painted in cream, and the shades replaced with a light, canvas-type shade... gah! Beautiful! $15 each.

Fabulous Finds #3: Stand up dressing mirror

I'm not sure why these ever began to lose their style. This mirror is elegant, a classic look to a classic design. Inspire yourself and your date while dressing in this mirror! The best part? It's only $55 at the Cornelius ReStore. 

Fabulous Finds #4: Lamp Style Heater
As I was walking through the Cornelius ReStore today, trying to decide what to pinpoint for this week's Fabulous Finds Friday, I was a little concerned when I saw this lamp in the chandelier section. I thought, "Well surely that doesn't belong there!" And while really, it probably could have gone in a different location, I was completely wrong in assuming it was a lamp! This baby is actually a heater! Brand new it retails around $200, but we're selling it for only $75!


Fabulous Finds #5: Double Chairs
My parents always had a unique way of punishing my sister and I when we were little. As a parent-to-be, I admire them (now) for their special parenting techniques, but hated our punishments back then. The worst punishment was having to sit at the kitchen table, face to face, and hold my sister's hand after fighting!!! EWWWWW!! Cooties! I know, I know, cooties aren't real (tell that to my child in a few years..) but they sure felt real back then. Sitting across from my sister, having to look her in the eyes and not release hands until we could be civilized was heck on earth! I couldn't think of anything worse... until I saw these chairs, because the only thing worse than sitting face to face would have been to sit next to each other!

Of course this is all a joke (except the punishment, that was a real and frequent one). The chairs pictured above are in great shape and would look great in any doctor's office, waiting room, or even a library. The double chairs pictured above can be found at the Cornelius ReStore for only $30/set.

Side Note:

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