Friday, June 21, 2013

We're expecting!!

Yep, that's right! We're expecting a brand new addition to our family! And just when we thought we were getting settled into our new-to-us home a year later after the purchase. Despite having to redesign rooms to now include a nursery/combine my craft room with the office, we are super excited!

B. and I have chosen not to learn the gender of our child, which means we're working with gender neutral colors for the nursery (I know, I know, the baby sign above is in blue so you think it's going to be a boy! Nope, I really just found it at the Mooresville ReStore and had to take a picture because it was so cute!). No biggie since we have been inspired by this fabulous room I found at Pottery Barn Kids. Not too long ago we picked up furniture at Our Towns Habitat ReStore in Cornelius and we are now looking to install wainscoting in the nursery that will match our fabulous furniture!
So.. in search of materials to complete the nursery picture above, I headed to the Mooresville ReStore. And while I didn't have any luck finding unfinished wainscoting (which I can't find anywhere, btw), or the moulding I need for the ceiling, I did find a bunch of other Fabulous Finds! Here are a few of my favorites this week:

Fabulous Find #1: 6 piece bar
I find this piece to be ultra fabulous. It's made from solid wood and has all the necessary spaces for a bar! On the back wall are wine glass holders and a mirror. The covered look with the decorative spindles on each side give this piece the well-deserved aura of an expensive scotch drinker's bar!

I don't have a great picture of the bar once it's completed, but here's a black and white. Use your imagination and the image above to see it's true potential. 
The best part of this bar? The price: 

Fabulous Find #2: Stanton Turntables and Case
Never before have I seen turntables this stylish come into either the Cornelius or Mooresville ReStores. But there is a first time for everything, and that's why we live by the motto Miss a Day, Miss a Deal. Pictured below are 2 Stanton Turntables that have been tested and work! Included in the price is the case with cover. Now, I don't know anything about turntables, but they look to be in really good condition!

These bad boys are going for only:

Fabulous Finds #3: Gloves
Okay, Okay, I know that gloves aren't super glamorous or anything, but you'd be surprised at how many people want to buy our gloves! At just 50 cents a pair, you can buy yourself enough gardening gloves to last you for summers over! Plus, you'll never lose them because they are a beautiful bright orange! :)

Fabulous Finds #4: Heavy Bag and Speed Bag
As a fellow boxer, I REALLY wish I had room for this in my house (hey! maybe I'll put it next to the crib!). This boxing set is in pretty good condition! The stand is heavy duty, but the speed bag probably needs to be replaced. It's going for only $100!

Fabulous Finds #5: Plus Arm Chairs
This seems to be the time to swap out arm chairs like the kind you'll find in a waiting room since last week the Cornelius ReStore featured some great ones too! These beautiful plush babies are red in color with a slight diamond pattern and wooden arms and legs. In great condition, we have at least 5 of them. And for only $25 a piece, they probably won't last long.

So.. while I didn't find anything I needed to complete my awesome nursery, I did find a lot of great items at the Mooresville ReStore. If you are nearby, stop in and see what you can find and comment below so others will know about your Fabulous Finds!

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