Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Get Crafty: Halloween Decorations From ReStore Finds

Hard to believe October 1st is in one week, which means it’s almost time to bring out the Halloween decorations. Want to get into the spooky spirit without spending a fortune? Visit the Our Towns Habitat ReStore for everyday household items that can be easily transformed into seasonal décor.

Paint It Black

Painting almost anything black gives it a scary vibe. Look for old Christmas villages, chandeliers and vases to transform with a coat of black spray paint.

Make Signs from Repurposed Items

Make an ornate cemetery sign from an old headboard or use old cabinet doors to make Halloween signs. A piece of fencing can be painted and propped up for that haunted house feeling.

Use Glassware for Spooky Displays

Look through the glassware aisle for apothecary jars, cake or cheese domes, and goblets which can be turned into Halloween displays.

 Books and Book Pages

The ReStore has tons of books that can be transformed into a book of spells or potions. Use book pages to make vintage looking signs or pumpkins.

 Mirror, Mirror

Repurpose old mirrors or picture frames with chalkboard paint or flying bats. Scrape off part of the mirror backing and insert an old photo for a spooky looking frame.

Have I got your wheels turning? What Halloween décor would you shop for at the ReStore?

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