Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fishing around for Christmas Inspiration...

With only days left until Christmas, you may be in desperate need of a last minute gift or even a little bit of holiday decor in your own home. This happy little snowman is sure to leave a big impression on your guests and not your wallet.

I came across this peculiar thing at Restore a few months ago for $2.00. It laid down completely flat and took this form when you picked up the handle and has 2 spring doors on either side of the bottom part. Long story short, it was interesting and $2.00 so I brought it home. (I did find out later that it is some kind of fishing trap.) 

So what exactly can you do with an old fish trap thingy? Well, if you combine it with some boxes of ornaments I also got at Restore ranging in price from $1-$4 and a little Christmas magic (that would be 30 minutes of free time in my house) .... 

You can have this super cute guy for Christmas.....

First, fill the fish thingy up with ornaments. When I got to the top section I used floral wire and made an "X" over the top of the ornaments to each side of the top bar to hold them in and to make it keep it's form.

Next I used this ornament as a nose by simply removing the top and then reattaching it through the cage and securing with glue.

I then glued some black buttons for eyes and buttons and glued this hat I picked up at another retail store's dollar section. I added this festive bow and some stick arms from the yard.

And because I absolutely LOVE Christmas lights and have lit up every square inch of my house and yard as well as neighbors' house and yard, I felt that adding a small strand of white LED string lights was the next logical choice to finish him off and pulled them through the body and head. 

The final cost for this one of a kind decoration, $12.

I wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year! 

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