Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Couch Cushions: AKA the Mystery Hole

We had recently bought a new couch, and upon removal of the old one, made the discovery of a life time. When the old couch was flipped up on it's side it made a very interesting noise. The distinct noise of random items falling through couch springs to the side that now laid on the ground. With a quick slit with a razor knife to the fabric on the bottom of the couch I found where all the missing pocket change, small toys, scissors, batteries,  jewelry, crochet hooks, 6 pairs of tweezers (no lie)  and many more tiny objects that had been lost over the past 5 years. How did they get there exactly? I inspected the couch seat itself and discovered that where the back of the couch met the seat was a very small crack that let these small items pass through to the Mystery Hole where they would be forever lost. Determined not to loose any more small treasures and necessities to this obscure menace that was also a feature found on the new couch in addition to the "crack of doom and loss" that apparently is equipped in all sectionals , I set out on a mission to resolve this as easily and cheaply as possible.  And once again, thanks to Restore, the problem has been solved!

I found these 1 inch in diameter 6 ft long foam pipe insulator sleeves at Restore for $.75 each. I simply took my cushions off the couch and wedged the insulators into the tiny trench of terror and crack of doom and loss and then put the cushions back on the couch. After extensive testing over the past 60 days, we have had zero lego or pocket change casualties to the couch monster. Problem solved for less than $2!!

The Resolution of Resolution:

What problem can Habitat's Restore solve for you? Stop by your local Restore and check out all the possibilities they have in stock to fulfil your 2014 Resolutions. By purchasing items from Habitat for Humanity's Restores, you can also put a big check mark beside "being more charitable" because the profits made from Restore are utilized in the many charitable acts that Habitat for Humanity perform in our community and world wide. Share your finds and problem solvers with us here in the comments or posting to their Facebook page:

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