Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY Pot Rack

Hi, everyone!  My name is Laurie Hamilton and I am thrilled to be a new blogger for My [Re]claimed Home.  Just to fill you in a little about me, I moved to North Carolina about 5 years ago from Chicago and haven’t looked back!  I love it here and the people here are just the nicest you could meet.  My love for repurposing, redesigning, and reusing anything goes way back. A little over a year ago my son and his family joined me here in beautiful Mooresville, NC and my daughter-in-law Karen and I wasted no time jumping into any kind of crafts and repurposing we could to decorate the house (you can see some of our work on our Facebook page, Pink Punk Design). I participated with Karen in the 2013 ReStore ReStyle Design Challenge and had a blast. One of the patrons of the contest saw our work and hired us to decorate her entire house. It turned out beautifully and gave us even more ideas.  I really enjoy the happiness it brings people to see that even on a budget they can still has a beautiful and comfortable home. The smiles on their faces make all the work totally worthwhile.

I thought for my first blog I would show you a little something I made for the kitchen to give it just a little “European” flair. I was on my weekly roam through ReStore and noticed some burglar bars for windows leaning against the wall. Perfect for – what else – a pot rack! 

To start this project you will first need some kind of rack that you can hang things from. If you can’t locate the type I have shown, try thinking a little out of the box. Maybe outside you may have an old wrought iron or metal garden trellis? Those are easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores.

Next, find the studs in your ceiling. This is of utmost importance. It can be done quite easily with a stud finder. There is nothing worse than having your gorgeous project come crashing down in the middle of a dinner party. Here is what else you will need:

- 4 big screw-in hooks that you will space into the studs to coincide with the corners of the rack
- mid-weight chain
- 4 u-shaped bolts
- some hooks to hang the pots.

Now that you have your materials you are ready to get started. Simply screw the four hooks into the ceiling, attach four lengths of chain to the corners of the rack using the U-bolts, hang the other end of the chain from the ceiling hooks, hang your pots and pans from the s-hooks and VIOLA! Pot rack!

If for whatever reason it is not feasible for you to hang the rack from the ceiling, you can also hang it vertically on the wall of the kitchen. 

I hope this gave you some inspiration to jazz up your home using items found at the ReStore. Check back often for more ideas to make our lives beautiful, starting right at home!  

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