Monday, March 3, 2014

Rubik's Photo Collage

I am actually poaching this next project from my mother-in-law. She made one of these for all of us at Christmas and they are just so amazing that I had to share.

The best part is that I almost always see a Rubik's Cube on the toy aisle of Restore for no more than $ 2. Not to mention that you can also pick up a cooling rack or drying tray that you will need for this project while you are there for as little as $. 50 each. And I have been able to snag a good deal on photo paper on occasion.  I really wouldn't be shocked if I found the resin needed on the craft aisle either. So stop by your local Restore and see how very inexpensive this project can be.

What you will need :
2 part clear resin
Rubik's Cube
Photo paper
A cookie cooling rack (or doaming tray found at craft store )
Disposable plastic cup
Plastic spoons
Super glue

1. Remove the existing stickers from cube. There are many different ways to accomplish this from using goo-gone to mayonnaise.

2. Choose your photos. Since this was a surprise, my mother-in-law pilfered pictures from our Facebook Albums. The quantity and size of pictures you will need depends on the amount of cubes. This one had 4 on each side and a total of 24 pictures were needed. A standard rubik's cube will have 9 cubes per side and a total of 54 pictures will be needed. I found this website that offers a free template download for the 4 block cube and a they also offer a download for the 9 cube as well.

3. Cut your pictures and lay out on doaming tray about an inch apart. (This site actually provides a very detailed 2 part instructional video for this project as well)

3. Mix your resin according to directions on label. Take time and read about avoiding bubbles and how to get the bubbles out of your mix.

4. Spoon out about half a spoon full of resin and place the tip of the spoon over the center of the picture and let the resin run off. Once you have covered all the photos, get down to eye level and see if you need to add a few drops to any photos that are not perfectly covered.

5. Place dust cover over your tray and wait 10 mins. After the 10 minutes have passed, remove the cover and check for bubbles that may have rose to the surface. Either use the spoon tip or a toothpick to carefully remove the bubbles without scooping away the resin.

6. Replace dust cover and let dry for the amount of time listed on the resin instructions.

7. Glue your photos to the blocks. 

8. Proudly display your crafty work of genius or wow and amaze someone with a very special gift.

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