Wednesday, May 28, 2014



The sign is done on a cabinet door I bought from Our Towns habitat for humanity’s restore. The technique that I am going to teach you is universal and can be used on many different surfaces.


Cabinet door
Spray paint
Acrylic paint
Foam brush
Gel medium
The picture you want to transfer
Minwax furniture wax


1) Spray paint the door whatever color you want the base color to be. I used a grey blue color

2) Once the base coat is dry, spray paint the top coat, I used an off white

3) Once the top coat is dry rough up the edges to show the undercoat

4) Measure out your printed design to make sure it will fit. NOTE: Make sure you flip your image so once everything dryers it will be facing the right direction. This can easily be done in Microsoft publisher.

5) Put down a layer of Gel medium wherever you would like the image to be with a foam brush.

6) Place the image Ink side down into the gel

7) Wait 24 hours until it is completely dry

8) Soak the paper in water and gently rub the paper off leaving the image. NOTE: do not do this too hard as the ink will come off and rub your image right off.

9) Once all the paper is gone and the door is completely dry, mix your acrylic paint using the base coat and top coat colors. For example since my base coat was a blue grey and my top coat was white. I mixed 1 drop acrylic blue, one drop acrylic black, and about 6-8 drops white. Mix this lightly together so that it is not all one color but a tie-die effect.

10) Using the foam brush lightly sweep the color all over the sign. You want it to look worn NOT smothered in color. You may want to practice on another piece of paper before attempting it on your sign.

11) Once it’s all dry polish it lightly with Minwax furniture wax. This will protect the ink and keep it from fading.

You’re done! I hope you liked this tutorial! don't forget to check out more inspiring ideas at Pink Punk Design



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