Friday, May 23, 2014

How to Make an Outside Birdcage Light

I bought this bridge with the intent of making it into a bird feeder; however after looking at it a bit I thought it would be much cooler as an outside birdcage light that I hung from the tree. 


Spray polyurethane
Mini shade (the ones you put onto the small lights of a chandelier)
Solar light


1) If your birdcage is not painted go ahead and paint it whatever color you would like. I bought mine as a steal at an antique mall and it was already painted for me. 

2) Spray polyurethane over the entire thing. This will repel the weather it will be going through and preserve the paint from chipping. 

3) Place the birdcage wherever you would like it to be (in a tree, on a shepherds hook, sitting on your porch ext.)  

4) Take apart the mini shade leaving ONLY the wire frame

5) Take the post off of the solar light which will leave a small round “nub” at the bottom. 

6) Place the mini shade upside-down in the cage. 

7) Place the solar light in the two rungs that would normally hold the light if it were to go onto a chandelier. The "nub Should fit into the wire.

ENJOY! You’re done!
I wish I could show you the cool design the light makes on the ground but the camera would not pick it up! It’s really beautiful!


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