Saturday, August 10, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Contemporary Art to Functional Coffee Table

One of the amazing things about Our Towns Habitat ReStores is the phenomenal things that get donated. You're never sure what you'll find when you walk into a ReStore, which is why one of our slogans is miss a day, miss a deal. The other amazing thing about our ReStores is our location: we are smack dab in the middle of some of the most creative minds I personally have ever met.

There, now that I've said two very important things about the ReStores, I'll get to the point of today's blog post: these fabulous, hand crafted pieces of contemporary art that are actually functional coffee tables! They were donated by a local artist named Paul Minsker and are currently set up for auction at the Mooresville ReStore.


I'm not exactly sure what this one is but it reminds me of dinosaur eggs and Jurassic Park- a classic movie from my time so I mean this as a great comparison!
The hands in this coffee table each seem to hold the world. What a cool commentary for contemporary art: "I've got the whole world, in my hands!"

These "Owl Eyes" are so detailed! Whoooooo wants this table?

And this table features two dragonflies facing one another. 

There are a number of other tables donated by Paul Minsker at the Mooresville ReStore. Each table is made from layers and layers of wood which Paul cut, sanded, and painted himself. They are intricate in detail, beautiful in color and design.

The tables are all up for an auction until Saturday, August 17th promptly at 2pm. Place your bids at the Mooresville ReStore, and be sure that your phone number is registered in the Silent Auction phone book. You can see more pictures when you visit and "Like" the Our Towns Habitat ReStore Facebook Page!

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