Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Guest Blogger: Andrea Hartley

Hey Guys!!

Today I am SUPER excited because I just received the first blog post from another guest blogger. It is my pleasure to introduce you to .... (drum roll please......) Andrea Hartley!

Andrea Hartley is a local ReStore shopper, always looking to find a good deal and to tinker with something! Pictured above, she was a contestant in this year's ReStore ReStyle Design Challenge which took place in May of 2013. She designed a wedding reception room with a rustic, shabby chic feel to it. She even wore part of her room for the event (her dress was a prop she picked up at the Mooresville ReStore)!

Here is her bio:
I am a 30 yr old stay at home mother with a employment background in project management for custom home building and a third generation "treasure hunter." I have been sorting and sifting and digging through dusty shelves, bins, and boxes to find that little forgotten and discarded treasure for as long as I can remember. I have held my mothers legs so she wouldn't fall into the public dumpster as she pulled out a Gilded solid wood picture frame from the late 1800's at the age of 8 and learned how to reupholster at 9. Habitat Restore is my #1 most favorite place to shop for items I can not only use in my home and crafts but to buy supplies for my husband's electrical company. My three year old son is quite at home at our local Restore and often can be found napping in the back of the shopping cart. I can gain inspiration from just about anything, when I have a project in mind I go immediately to Restore to see what items I can use to complete the task at hand. There isn't really a place I haven't been to hunt. I know that even if I had and endless supply of money that I would never shop retail, I love the thrill of the hunt, recycling and satisfaction that I get when I spend $10 on something that turns out to look like its worth a million dollars.

As I mentioned, I just received her first blog post and am so stoked for her to share it with you... it's beautiful! Check back to see it post!

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