Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Lumber Cart

Anyone that does DIY projects on a regular basis knows that they have a tendency to take a toll on your garage. Often times I find myself wondering why we bother cleaning the garage when we're going to start another project eventually anyway. It can be especially cumbersome when you have no space to put scrap wood that will inevitably be used in the future. So imagine my surprise when I walk outside to the fenced in area at the Cornelius ReStore and see this beauty:

This Do-It-Yourself cart would be perfect for scrap lumber, miscellaneous toys, etc. 

Imagine putting peg board on this side to hang tools! How nifty!

And for only $25 you can't beat the price. It would probably cost you more in the lumber itself than to purchase this baby at the Cornelius ReStore!

So, not only did I think that this was one totally Fabulous Find, but when I made it to my office I stumbled upon a great blog called Shanty 2 Chic that featured a Do-It-Yourself tutorial for a similar lumber cart. Take a look at the tutorial here, just in case someone beats you to the punch in Cornelius.

Hurry in, because this great deal won't last long. 

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